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Green Mountain Standard Time CD


Taryn Noelle Swings

Available on CD

Green Mountain Standard Time CD


Green Mountain Standard Time

Available on CD

Available on CD

Available on CD

Available on CD

Welcome To OUR Vermont/2 -
A Musical Tour of The State of Vermont

Nominated 2017
“Western Swing Album of the Year”
by The Academy of Western Artists

Riding My Guitar -
Celebrating Rick’s 50 Years Of Making Vermont Music

I Rode The Ti -
Songs From The Heart of Vermont




I Heard the Highway... and other swing tunes from Western Vermont

Can't Catch a Rambler

You Can't Get There From Here - the Vermont State Bicentennial CD
featuring Rick & The Ramblers, Banjo Dan & The Mid-Nite Plowboys, LeRoy Preston and Big Joe Burrell & The Unknown Blues Band

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Music Note

Thanks to Western Swing DJs from around the world and after 55 years of performing, the music of Rick & The All-Star Ramblers Western Swing Band is finally being heard beyond the borders of our treasured home state of Vermont. We are thrilled and humbled to hear our songs beaming back here to Rambler Ranch from Lubbock, TX, Tulsa, OK, Lompac, CA and even London, England and Madrid, Spain these days as well as on our local and regional radio. We deeply appreciate the Western Swing affinity groups and their followers for the recognition we are receiving these days for our music. Having been final nominees for “Western Swing Song of the Year,” “Western Swing Album of the Year” and twice for “Western Swing Duo/Group of the Year” awards by The Academy of Western Artists in Gene Autry, OK, this acceptance of our music has meant the world to us.

But the reality is that we are just a small regional band and we only play within a three hour circle of Burlington, Vermont. And the main reason is that our 1957 Flxible Starliner tour bus, “The Mighty Pickle,” only gets 5 miles to the gallon of gas. Our records are only available at our shows here in Vermont and on a limited basis on-line. If you like our music (and who wouldn’t?), please consider purchasing our records here on our web site and please consider sharing our music with your family and your friends. That’s why we love to play our music and that’s how we make lots of friends. And it helps us gas up “The Mighty Pickle. Thank You and keep listening.

The Rambers’ song “You Can’t Make It Up,” as heard on the CDs “Riding My Guitar” and “Welcome To OUR Vermont/2,” won the Academy of Western Artists “Western Swing Song of the Year” honors in 2015. Click the link above for a sample clip, or do a search on YouTube to listen to the entire song.

The Rick Norcross Story

Now Available - Riding My Guitar - The Rick Norcross Story

“I’ve had the priviledge over the years of writing stories about many fascinating Vermonters but none has been as much fun and moving as telling Rick Norcross’s amazing life story. Riding My Guitar - The Rick Norcross Story, has reached readers all over the United States and well into England and Europe and I believe the positive response is simply a reflection of the high regard with which this Vermont musician is held. Rick and I have heard from fans near and far who appreciate his unique contributions to the worlds of both folk music and western swing. And the fact that today Rick & his Ramblers are known as one of Vermont’s most beloved touring bands makes it all the more poignant.

Rick and I have made many joint appearances, both during his band’s tour last summer and more recently at reading groups who have read the book. I must say it is heartwarming to see the standing ovations he invariably gets after performing a few of his iconic songs. I hope to have a long career as a Vermont author, but the experience of writing Rick’s story will always be one of my most special adventures as a writer.”

...Stephen Russell Payne, www.StephenRussellPayne.com

Available NOW at Independent Bookstores & Amazon.com

Rick and Steve

“Rick Norcross is a true Vermont original, a kind of musical Jack Kerouac. Stephen Russell Payne’s new book, Riding My Guitar - The Rick Norcross Story perfectly capures his talent, his history and his good heart.”
-- Howard Frank Mosher, award-winning author

“Riding My Guitar is the entertaining story of a true Vermont original. Rick Norcross’s amazing journey has taken him throughout the US and to Europe, but at heart he remains a friendly, modest and very talented Vermonter. In telling this story of the irrepressible Norcross, Stephen Russell Payne also gives us a vivid picture of rural Vermont in the 1950’s and ‘60’s. It’s a fun read!
-- Tom Slayton, Editor Emeritus Vermont Life Magazine

“Being a flatlander often means missing out on some of the real Vermont stories. In his new book, Riding My Guitar - The Rick Norcross Story, author Stephen Russell Payne tells an engaging tale of an authentic Vermont talent who might otherwise have remained below the national radar. Rick Norcross’s gifts as a songwriter, performer and photographer are eclipsed only by his generosity and warmth.”
-- George Thomas, legendary VPR radio host

Rick Norcross is a self made man hewn out of all that makes Vermont so unique. Somehow over the decades he has carved out a music career which stays close to its roots in the music he composes, sings and plays. So often his work provides a sense of where he’s from and what he has picked up traveling his own path, always bringing it back to the home place. You hear it whether on a recording, or a concert or just a kitchen tunk over at the neighbors. Good on yah’ Rick, Good on yah.”
-- Ken Squier, owner, Radio Vermont Group

“What I respect most about Rick is his strong sense of community and music’s role in bringing people together. He cares deeply about his fellow musicians and about each and every person sitting in the audience. I’ve taken many a ride in Rick’s bus to gigs, and he’s full of stories, which find their way into his songs. Anyone who listens to our new CD will immediately appreciate how Rick can tell a funny story about a place like Hardwick, while at the same time expressing his true love for the town and its people.”
-- Charlie MacFadyen, Rambler Arranger & Piano Player